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I grew up going to a rather legalistic Christian school. While I am thankful for many of the experiences I had there, and am forever grateful that I never went to public school, some of the thinking I was subjected to was just… well… warped.

I heard this song as I was driving home from work early Sunday morning after a 12 hour shift. It made me think…..

The best of intentions doesn’t mask legalism. I could go on a whole list of tangents right here, but I will not…. today anyway 🙂

Just one thing… I can remember sitting in a chapel service and being told ANY music that did not come from a Baptist Hymnal was of the devil. All of it. I have a feeling this person is in for a rude awakening when he meets Catholics and Methodists and … *gasp* Pentecostals… inside the gate.

I stand firm with this thought:

Church doesn’t always require sitting in a pew; Worship isn’t only found in the pages of a hymnbook.