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I had a birthday a few days ago, and I dunno about you, but birthday’s are suddenly filled with weird emotions for me. On one hand, I can look at myself 10 years ago and think, “Thank God I’m no longer that stupid!”  But I’m not gonna lie… the closer I get to 30, the more I dread it. Why?! It’s not like I can stop time. Nor is it like 30 is the magic age for life to suddenly end. I was talking to my best friend about it, and we decided it’s strange for us to remember our parents turning 30, and thinking they were old. HA!

I guess on a positive note, I’ll never have kids that remember me at 30. They will just remember me when I really am the literal definition of OLD as opposed to a child’s version! Lol!

My day was rather uneventful, as my lil bro had a baseball game. Mom and I left early for the game, and stopped by the shoe store because I desperately needed something sandal-ish (yes, that is a word. I just made it one!).  to wear as part of a Passion Play costume for church. I HATE shoe shopping. Not because I hate shoes. It’s just a pain to find things that fit right. Since I was running low on cash, I set a $ limit, and told myself I was NOT, under ANY circumstances, going to spend more than that limit. Mom, being the ever-helpful woman that she is, had other plans. Not to make me blow my money, but to bring me every possible pair of shoes in the store in size 10 or 11. Once I told her, “I’m only looking at stuff that will work for the play. I don’t have money for anything else.” She said ok…and continued to bring me shoes… I gave up, and just laughed at her…and tried on shoes. A lot of shoes. Then she did the worst thing possible for my bank account. She went to the sale rack and came back holding a pair of brown boots.

Ok, so I cheated. These aren't the boots, but I'd totally have bought these ones too!

I love boots. Even more than that, I love when footwear makes my foot look smaller than it actually is. These boots…that I love….that I tried on…. (Cuz she brought them to me! I couldn’t just tell her No!!)   that were super comfortable…made my foot look like a size 8. AND they were on sale! Had to get them! Had to! And it’s all her fault! Even after I found the passion play sandals that I was looking for, though, and after I had decided to get the boots (which put me $20 over budget, but who cares cuz they are super cute! ) my crazy mother STILL kept bringing me shoes. Every time I’d start to put my own tennis shoes back on, she’d point out pair after pair “Wait! What about this one? …. What about this one?…. What about this one?….Try this one on!!!” She’s nuts, that one!… I’m tellin’ you!


For my birthday, my parents bought me tires. YAY!! .. as you may have noticed, I previously wrote abt resorting to a camel for transportation. It may not have been entirely due to gas prices!

and they also offered me ..whenever I decide to utilize it…a subscription to a couple dating sites. The good ones are blasted expensive! Which could mean my parents are trying to sell me off…..

Speaking of which, tonight, at my little brother’s baseball game, something odd happened. (I say odd, but it’s been happening with increasing frequency here lately). My mother tapped me on the arm right as the game was beginning. “Hey! Who’s that?” She was pointing towards the concession stand where there stood some good-looking, but unsuspecting soul.

“I have no idea mother.”

“He could be your age! I wonder who he is, I’ve never seen him here before!!” 

“Mom, he MIGHT be 24.” 

“Ya think so? I dunno. He could be older than that. You never know… cuz people think you’re 12!” 

…. gee thanks mom….

And unfortunately, shes not lying. I get mistaken for random ages MUCH younger than what I really am more often than I’d care to admit. Apparently, they aren’t noticing the gray in my hair…

As we continued to watch this poor did I mention good-looking?.…man, who had no idea he was being discussed, he made his way to the visitor’s side and sat down next to a woman. I looked at mom, amused…. “Way to go! Safe to assume he’s likely attached.”

“Hey! I’m just trying to help!” 

“Riiiiiiight, like when we go to the shoe store…..Everywhere we go, you are pointing out men….’What about that one? What about that one? What about that one?’ ”  

No kidding…She’s even pointed out castoffs from reality dating shows on TV!

And heaven helps us when she finds a guy, looks at me and says, “Here!!! Try this one on!!!”