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….of random tidbits ….and it hurt my brain a little…

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(Incidentally, this is exactly what I look like in the morning before caffeine consumption

Did you know…If you ask a guy what he wants in his future lady, most of the time, one of his top 5 qualities will be “Honesty” ?

Guess what?! He’s lying! Oxymoron, much? Yes, but that doesn’t change that it’s a proven fact my own completely semi-logical opinion. Dating lends itself to lying.
Don’t look at me like that!
Why else would there be complaints of things changing the longer the relationship lasts? I recently read an interesting statement about the evolution of relationships. “People don’t change. They just become more like themselves.” It’s pretty darn true. Everyone wants to make a good first impression, but there is a point when “selling yourself” to the opposite sex just becomes ridiculous.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been burnt in the past.
Maybe it’s my defense mechanism.
Or Maybe it’s me seeing through all the crap…
but I refuse to feign interest in things I don’t care about to impress a guy.  Seriously? Ultimate Fighting? You want me to watch dudes kick the crap out of each other, and pretend to know what that choke hold is called? Uhm. No.
Will I watch it with you? Probably…if you are really nice to me. But I will make fun of those fools the entire time…or read a book. Let’s face it, you are not going to watch The Bachelorette with me because you enjoy it. If you pretend to, I’m going to assume you have a traumatic brain injury from practicing your Ultimate Fighting impressions.
….I refuse to tone down my sarcasm because he doesn’t get it. My particular brand of sarcastic humor isn’t for everyone, but it’s all I’ve got! Blame my parents. Take away that (the humor not my parents), and I’m just some ridiculously tall chick.
The whole point is to find someone whom you don’t feel the need to stab in the middle of the night whom you enjoy spending time with. And yes there are a ton of compatibility factors to consider, but without getting too in-depth, just stop pretending. Make-believe stopped being fun after 2nd grade.
Did you know….Most single men take offense to the statement that “trust should be earned” ? 
We talk about this being a generation of entitlement. It apparently has spread into ALL facets of life. Men seem to want trust doled out to them like women’s emotions function like an unlimited debit card, then get annoyed when she’s completely drained. If you don’t put money in the account, you aren’t gonna get anything back without incurring serious overage charges!
She is allowed to be cautious! There is a huge difference in projecting all her past relationship issues on you, and being smart going into something new. If you are trustworthy, you should have no issue with her caution. Now, if you are worried about something, feel free to get all defensive about how she should trust you because you’ve done nothing wrong. She Just Met You! You’ve not had a chance to screw up yet! It’s easy to claim “Prince Charming status” in the beginning.
Trust doesn’t come without previous action. Stop acting like it does. Decent women will run the other way. And blog about your stupidity.