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I’m sure this list could go on forever, but just a few of my Pet Peeves are:

IT’S (insert appropriate family member here…ie son/daughter/husband ect) WEEK! *We’ll use husband for the sake of argument.*   If your husband is the most caring, affectionate, romantic guy you know. If he is your best friend, who works hard for you, who has been with you through thick and thin, who loves you when you’re at your worst, and whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy and paste this with the year you were married.

Seriously, just stop it before we all vomit all over the floor, because I’ll be sending you the bill from Stanley Steemer! I’m glad you love your family. Really. I am. BUT TELL THEM!!!! NOT ME!!! It’s the equivalent to making out in a booth at Red Lobster. Is making out with your spouse fun? Sure! Do we all want to see you do it? HECK NO! Get a grip already. Not to mention, it cannot possibly be *husband week* every week. If the holiday isn’t on any recognized calendar, it’s not worth mentioning.

MY child is an honor student!

You’ve all seen the bumper stickers. (Incidentally, my favorite retort is the one that says “my Marine can pick off your honor student at 500 yards”).  Be proud of your children. Tell your children. We….do…..not….care…that your child is has aspirations of becoming a doctor, that he/she made 100% on every test since she was in the womb, that his/her teacher thinks your child is the best student since Abel! What the heck happens when your child gets a 92% on a test, and you say nothing about it to the world? What happens when she turns 13 and decides she wants to be a stay-at-home mom? You think the things you post on your social network don’t affect her? Think again. And did you ever stop to think how it may make the parent of a learning disabled child feel? “well how they feel is none of my concern.” Do me a quick favor. Take your left hand and place it on your left ear. Take your right hand and place it on your right ear. Make sure you’ve got a firm grip, and pull your head out of your backside!

I hate my %$#@ing Life!!!!

or That slut stole my boyfriend!

or I wish people would stay out of my business!

Guess what?! If people are in your business, it’s probably because you post too dang much of your business all over the world-wide-web! Did it ever occur to you to keep your mouth shut fingers off the keyboard?

If you are having relationship issues, you are NEVER….NOT EVER…going to fix it by posting it all over a social networking site. “…but I don’t want him back.” Well, congratulations sister. Acting like that just ensured you will either be single or date imbeciles for the rest of your life. No one worth while is going to touch that kind of drama with a 10 foot pole. Can you blame him?

And if your life sucks soooo unbelievably bad that you feel the need to spew your crappy mood all over Facebook every 4.2 hours, find a therapist. Seriously. You got issues.

Posting questionable pictures

1 rule folks (mostly ladies). If you won’t wear that on a date with Jesus, we don’t need to see it. Put ur clothes on!

What are some of your pet peeves when it comes to social networking?